Special offers for foreign guests

Administration of the hotel “Saturn” is glad to greet the guests of Euro 2012 in Kiev. We will try to make your stay at our hotel and in the city comfortable for you to take great enjoyment in watching football match games of the Championship Euro 2012. We are pleased to offer you the following services:
Administrator, skilled in English and German languages
If you have any questions concerning your stay at our hotel and in the country you can apply to our administrator or call + 38063-62-99-881 hotel-saturn@yandex.ru
Sight-seeing tours
We offer you different sightseeing tours depending on your scheduled time, age, perspectives and other preferences. We will help to choose the best excursion programmes for you to see and learn as much as possible about the capital of Ukraine.
Mobile communication
You are in need of mobile communication to converse against each other, to call to your native country and to connect with us. Specially, for the guests of Euro 2012 we offer SIM Cards with a list of hotlines to make your stay secure.
Ethnic cuisine right in the hotel
You can have a breakfast in the coffee-room on the first floor from 8.00 till 10.00. We invite you for lunch and dinner to our reasonably priced café situated on the second floor from 10.00 till 23.00. Average bill is about 6 euro. At the café you can drink cold beer and overlook the announcements and replays of the matches.
Sports hall with a team sports
We propose you to play football, basketball and volleyball.
Russian sauna
Visiting our country you should certainly try out a Russian sauna. We recommend you to reserve time to attend sauna in advance.
Bath attendant and massage therapist
If you want to switch off a long hike we offer you services of our massage therapist.
Call-in a taxi, booking flight tickets, train tickets and bus tickets
If you want to visit other Host Cities of Euro 2012 we can help you to plan an itinerary and book the tickets.
We are pleased to offer you the personal guide-interpreter. You will feel comfortable being on a journey across the city.

Low-cost economy class hotel in Kievis waiting for guests.
Saturn Hotel Конференц зал Дешевая гостиница в Киеве single room double room
«Saturn» Hotel Kiev, Geroev Kosmosa str., 2-b Phone: +380 (44) 403-32-63 (twenty-four-hour)